FEATURE: Inside the Global Competence Certificate Classroom

Art can help us empathize and connect across difference, and it entices us to imagine a better world. In one Global Competence Certificate course, Aesthetic Experience & Global Competence, participants focus on experiential dimensions of globalization and consider how aesthetic lenses and processes can enrich global competence in life and in the classroom. The course uses Movement & Displacement as a theme in which participants explore their own responses to these issues through digital art, creative writing, and socially conscious art projects. For example, in one exercise, participants create a photomontage (see above for an example) that expresses their personal perspectives on the theme and discuss it with their peers through a process of reaction and response that is practiced throughout the course.

GCC participants have had high praise for the Aesthetic Experience course, taught by Teachers College faculty member Olga Hubard. One participant wrote: “This course pulled me so very far outside my comfort zone. And I really needed to go there with my own pedagogy and personal development…I’m a more courageous person from having applied myself in meeting the challenges set forth by this course.”

Published on by World Savvy.