A Unique Collaboration to Address an Important 21st-Century Need

Leading experts in global competence education formed a unique collaboration to develop the Global Competence Certificate program with the goal of increasing the number of K-16 educators who can teach for global competence and support the development of young people to be globally informed, active citizens.

Teachers College Columbia University is the oldest and largest graduate school of education in the country, renowned for promoting policies and collaborations that remove barriers to learning. Teachers College sees its leadership role as a major player in policy-making to ensure that schools are reformed and restructured to welcome all students regardless of their socio-economic circumstances and in preparing educators who not only serve students directly but coordinate the educational, psychological, behavioral, technological, and health initiatives to remove barriers to learning at all ages.

Areas of Work:

  • Engage in research on the central issues facing education
  • Prepare the next generation of education leaders
  • Educate the current generation of leaders in practice and policy to meet the challenges they face

World Savvy is a national education nonprofit that works with educators, schools, and districts to integrate the highest quality of global competence teaching and learning into K-12 classrooms, so all young people can be prepared to engage, succeed, and meet the challenges of 21st century citizenship. We do this by providing a range of high-quality, specifically targeted programs and services, including:

The World Savvy Classrooms program integrates global competence learning into classrooms by combining professional development and consulting for educators with project-based learning for K-12 students. The Classrooms program is aligned with and supports Common Core state standards, ensuring students learn the required ‘core’ content mandated by state and national standards, in a way that establishes real-world connections to the material.

World Savvy Partnerships supports districts and schools to advance and embed global competence across their organizations. Tailored to each organization, these partnerships include a range of interconnected services including: formative program assessment, customized consulting and professional development workshops, and the creation and facilitation of leadership groups on global competence. Current and past partnerships have included Oakland Public Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools, and Saint Paul Public Schools. 

Asia Society, a global nonprofit, is the leading organization working to ensure that all students graduate college and career ready and globally competent by providing thought leadership, stimulating changes in policy and practice, and advancing an educational response to globalization. The Partnership for Global Learning connects state and district decision makers, school leaders, teachers, university faculty, and other stakeholders to ensure a rising generation will be ready for college and the interconnected world beyond.

Asia Society – Education and Leadership Programs:

Advancing Transformative Models: Spread effective school and out of school models that promote knowledge of Asia and global competence.

Making Mandarin Mainstream: Catalyze exponential growth in the number and quality of Chinese language programs and connections to China.  One-quarter of all Chinese language teachers in the US are trained by the Asia Society.

Cultivating Innovation at Scale: Convene the premier education leaders in the US and Asia to spark innovation that promotes global competence for millions.

Connecting Young Leaders:  Network emerging Asia-Pacific leaders to develop global competence and change the world.

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