Global Competence Certificate Program


The 16-month Online Graduate-level Certificate Program

The Global Competence Certificate program is an online graduate-level certificate program designed specifically for in-service educators. The program is directed at teachers who are interested in embedding global learning into their teaching practice, or preparing their students for the global reality beyond the classroom, as well as those who are interested in assuming leadership positions and helping shape the future of K-12 education in a globally competent manner. Teachers may participate in the 16-month certificate program or register for individual 8-week courses. 

The Global Competence Certificate program will:

  • Prepare educators to deeply integrate global competence into their practice by building engaging, relevant instructional methodology that improves student academic achievement.
  • Prepare educators to develop classroom experiences for students that build global competence, nourish critical thinking, and expand their understanding of the world around them.
  • Support the preparation and development of educators to provide leadership for global competence education in their school or district and lead collaboration across disciplines and practices to benefit students.
  • Support participating educators as they develop a network of collaborative colleagues from around the nation who share a passion for global education.
  • Bolster broader advocacy efforts for global competence in K-12 teaching and learning and generate greater demand for teacher education in this realm across the country.
  • Foster and assess educational practice that prepares students for the realities of the 21st century and leads to a more democratic, sustainable, and equitable society.

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