Your Online Learning Experience

The GCC program uses an array of technologies and approaches to achieve a unique set of experiences and learning outcomes possible within an online environment.  The primary course platforms are Canvas (learning management system) and Blackboard Collaborate (live web conferencing tool).  Courses will engage you with a variety of programs and technologies, including video and internet telephone conferencing, discussion forums, online games, blogs, screen sharing, image mapping software, collaborative wikis, streaming video, podcasts, Powerpoint presentations, Prezis, good old-fashioned internet research, and more.  Courses will adopt applications and technologies whenever they support the desired learning outcomes, and you are encouraged to expand your understanding of educational technology by bringing in additional tools and ideas to complete your assignments.

Through the online components of the program, you can expect to:

  • Participate in online courses with at least the same degree of rigor, engagement, and commitment as an on-campus program
  • Engage in same-time and asynchronous in-depth discussions and activities with instructors and peers located around the country and the world, using discussion forums, text chatting, and video and audio conferencing
  • Challenge yourself with projects and assignments that require critical thinking and help you apply the course to your own life, location, and work
  • Complete regular assignments with deadlines – at least one assignment per week per course – working independently on some assignments and collaboratively with classmates on others
  • Enjoy the flexibility of completing each week’s assignments and participating in asynchronous discussions at the time that is most convenient for you, while also having regularly scheduled “same-time” sessions (generally less than once per week per course) to connect with your peers and instructors
  • Experience the power of gaming, simulations, and other online applications and communities to develop your own global citizenship and that of your students
  • Interact regularly with your professors, receiving individualized feedback and input through course discussions, office hours, video and telephone conferencing, email, and/or phone
  • Receive help with technology related questions through direct support, FAQs, and discussion boards

Your Educational Experience

As a GCC participant, you can expect to:

  • Join a cohort of educators who understand the importance of building a globally competent citizenry
  • Network and collaborate with interdisciplinary educators from different parts of the United States and the world
  • Expand your personal and professional perspectives as you engage with diverse opinions and perspectives
  • Be challenged to reflect on your own experience and perspective, and sharpen your ability to think more openly and critically
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and tools with immediate applicability in the classroom
  • Discover your potential for leadership and advocacy