Capstone Seminar

Participants work collaboratively in small cohorts to develop a capstone project that supports implementation of global competence education.

This component is designed as a capstone project to enable participants to apply key learning and insights that they have developed through coursework and the fieldwork experience. In an online space, participants are matched in an interdisciplinary cohort and are encouraged to pursue interests developed during their Global Competence Certificate studies. Participants design an instructional and assessment framework project that will be critiqued and collaboratively developed throughout the course by each cohort group. The project has a direct application to the participant’s workplace that complements their ability to teach towards global competence in the classroom. All projects and resources will be collected in an open-source library to grow the collective body of work dedicated to global competence and internationalization.

Component Objectives:

  • Build a collaborative atmosphere that leverages the diversity of experience and background of the cohort
  • Collaborate and improve upon project work through an open and iterative process
  • Advance discourse around global competence through the lens of personal experience, as it relates to the field of education and an interconnected global society
  • Inspire innovation within participant’s own content area by leveraging a diverse and interdisciplinary cohort
  • Collect high-quality open-source instructional instruments and assessments for the benefit of all educators

Essential Questions:

  • How is global competence best implemented as a curriculum approach and with instructional strategies within my school context?
  • How can students be supported in particular contexts to develop global competence?
  • What does global competence look like in my school context?

Examples of Past Capstones:

  • Trimester-long student project on migration that provides students opportunities for place-based learning and a connection to their greater community.
  • Course to accompany a study abroad experience in Malawi for educators in training.
  • New course on Global Health and World Perspectives for urban high school students.
  • District-wide plan to create a culture of global competency by setting goals at each grade level.
  • Parent/Guardian mini-seminar on service and volunteerism.
The highlight of this course is the opportunity it afforded the participants to be involved in each other’s capstone projects.